Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It's been a while since the last post, which I apologize for; got some emails this week about it!!! I was under the weather, so to speak, and in enough of a fog that anything I wrote would be subject to penalty under the law. When I could, I would sit in repose on the couch in the store, and, being extra careful, just knit. So far, I haven't uncovered too many mistakes. For about a half hour today I tried to stay in the barn, but couldn't lift the buckets, so will wait until tomorrow to try again.

I also had the opportunity to work on the big triangle loom. It's a little too coarse for my tastes; you have to use bulky yarns or weave cheese cloth. We had a demo on Sunday; our good customers Stephanie, who does all the fibery things so far, (except spin) and Barb came out and we watched the Carol Leigh video. It inspired me to try the big loom, so I'm working on that.

The clapotis coming along. It's going to be a great big shawl. A new customer this year, Claude, who just happens to be French, is going to join our knit-a-long Friday. She said the proper pronounceation is clap-o-tee, silent S.

Our new Walnut Bottom needles! They are so cute, and they're smooth and feel nice in the hand.
Gwen's lace sweater of mohair. You have to see it and feel how soft it is!
Detail of sleeve and front.

Clapotis of Colinette Giotto, colorway Frangipani.
Starting to drop the first stitch.
Stitched dropped. I have six stitches dropped now and added Isis in the same colorway. Have to take a picture later of it.
Amy and her son on their weekly trip into the store. He has grown about two feet since we opened the store.
Sylvia in her beautiful fabric jacket, trimmed with crochet; yarn from us.
Button detail of jacket.
Martha brought her quilting buddies all the way from Ocean County for a day shopping in Mt. Holly. You'd think the city father's would appreciate all of the business we bring in from outside the town!!
Maria's latest hat, pattern from O-Wool. It's so cute! I love their patterns, too.
Skip and Barb, from Langhorne; she came in to get inspiration for her triangle loom, he for some knitting help. He is an avid crocheter and they both quilt. I hope to see them again soon!
Half of Kelly's Rib Warmer in Woolbearers Wool Boucle Amber Lace
Kitty's Lace Socks of Sea Wool.
Kitty's Entrelac Socks knit of Step.
Detail of Entrelac cuff.
Sydney's beautiful clapotis of Woolbearers Sterling sock yarn. If you look closely, you can see the little pieces of sterling silver shining.

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