Tuesday, June 10, 2008

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Knitting Divas, Designers and Dogs

Finally home from work and in the air conditioning, I can sit with computer and camera, surrounded by husband and dogs, and do some serious blogging. We avoid checking baggage when we travel; one too many lost or delayed bags so there wasn't room for a computer this trip. My sloppy notes don't mean much to me now, so I will try to remember what really impressed me.

We went to Columbus, Ohio for the annual trade show put on by the National Needlearts Association. This year we decided not to take classes, which turned out to be a good thing because we were able to sleep a little later in the morning, have a leisurely breakfast, and get to the show at ten. We had the opportunity to talk about the yarns and new ideas we saw and how they would fit into our plan for the store and ultimately, benefit you.

In between these dreaming sessions and buying frenzies, I had some soul feeding by participating in my most favorite past time; Star gazing. My friends know how totally star struck I am. Put a famous designer or author in a mile radius and I feel the vibe. I wrote our yahoo group about the first sighting.... Michele Rose Oren, author of a nifty new book called Inspired to Knit. What was so serendipitous about the meeting is that Myra had just told me about Gwen and Lisa telling her about the book and how great it was. We hadn't even left Philadelphia yet, were sitting in the airport at our gate, and Michele was there also, knitting with Rowan Denim a lovely, diaphanous lace, below. We enjoyed talking to her. We also ordered her book at the show!

The next sighting took place within the first hour of the show. We were ordering needles at the Hiya Hiya booth (nine inch long circulars, by the way), and I saw Amy Singer! I LOVE Knitty, and know that everyone who reads it, loves it too. She does so much for knitting and knitters, and I had to run after her and tell her. She graciously allowed me to gush and then gave me a Knitty.com button!!!Mary Beth Temple

Then, in this order, we saw Mary Beth Temple, author of the Secret Language of Knitters and several soon to be published books and patterns, designers Melissa Leapman, Chris Bylsma (Crayon Jacket), Kathy Zimmerman, Norah Gaughan, who I got to talk to briefly and she is a delightful young woman. Annie Modesitt, Lucy Neatby, Cat Bordhi, who I spoke with briefly, and Vicky Howell. I wasn't quick enough to pull out the camera, which really aggravates me; I think there must be one that you can wear around your neck like a tourist.

Something I wanted to do is to find links for the things we bought so you can read about them, but most of what we bought isn't on the manufactures websites yet. I love when that happens, because we will all be surprised when the yarn makes it to the store. There were several things that really excited me. We ordered the yarn from SWTC called Therapi which contains jade. I think that is so interesting. The things we got from Knit One, Crochet Too are wonderful; the patterns, especially, are very exciting. Several things I must knit right away to make my life complete, that is how cool they are. Unfortunately, either because of my age or mentition, I can't remember one of the yarns we ordered from them, but trust me, they are thrilling.

When we first opened, we were more conservative about what we bought, both for financial considerations and especially for space. (remember the old store....) We were a little more relaxed this year. The most extravagant thing we bought is buffalo yarn. (Well, maybe I wasn't relaxed, but I was willing to consider it.) We bought lace weight 100% buffalo, and a buffalo bamboo blend that is really spectacular. We were in the Heartstrings booth, ordering patterns and Jackie was knitting a lacy scarf out of one skein. It was pretty fabulous, and I was convinced then that, although it is a bit pricey, one skein will make a lovely lace scarf for a special person. (ME!) I think that you will be surprised at how lovely it is, and when you consider how really special it is, feel as I do that the price is well worth the luxury.

Another of the most exciting lines we picked up is Isager Knit, the alpaca merino blend yarns which are featured in the book, Knitting Out of Africa. We met the designer, Marianne Isager, in the US from Denmark. We also are stocking her newest books, which are filled with patterns that will inspire you.

We met so many lovely people at this show. Audrey and Eliot own Needles and Knobs in St. Petersburg, FL. We enjoyed visiting with them while we waited for our plane. Eliot works for the airlines and they were flying stand by; I hope they got home today!

Stu Berg was one of our first sales rep. He never made it to the store, so we have enjoyed ribbing him about that over the years. He was at the airport waiting with the rest of us! I got to listen to his wisdom regarding the yarn business; there is nothing like the experience of a good sales rep. We have several who we depend on for honest advice; Donna, Sharyn, Andy, Cece and Antonia.

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Too Twisted Donna said...

WOW sounds like you had a FAB trip!!! Can't wait for the yarn to hit the store... Maybe this is my time to try lace....