Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Foot In Front of the Other

What a week! But knitting continues to sustain me. One of our customers, Judy came into the store on Tuesday and said she just can't stop knitting! I know the feeling. The focus on the action of the needles is soothing and almost meditative. Why do I have to do anything else? Maybe I should say, I don't want to do anything else! The good thing about running the business is that it forces you to stay somewhat balanced. Same thing having the farm. The sheep will hop the fence and come up on the deck and knock on the sliding doors if I don't get out there and give them some kibble. The dogs will fight if I don't pay some attention to them. The house and yard need some help! I can't just knit all of the time!

Anyway, I'm going to have a poster made that says, Thank God for Knitting!

Beech Tree Vest, knit by Sydney of Classic Elite Cotton Bamboo. It is a beautiful piece of knitting. Sydney is also one of the fastest knitters I know. She starts a piece and finishes it. And that is that!
Sydney and her great children.
Donna's wonderful socks of Woolie Bears superwash sock yarn in Wildflowers. She knit them at the same time on one long needle and now is the resident expert on the technique!

Lynn knit this Wrap Me Up Shawl of Rowan Tapestry. This one is for her daughter, and the next one is for herself. It's light as a feather and perfect for cool summer evenings.

Our Rowan rep came yesterday; oh, I can't wait for the new stuff to arrive! We bought Felted Tweed, Kid Classic, Purelife wool, and tons of books. I keep talking about book number 44...everything in it is gorgeous. I have to hurry and finish some projects so I can begin one of them. I have a pullover tunic in Felted Tweed in mind.

Ok, enough for now! KNit!


Lisa said...

I love the Wrap Me Up shawl! Do you know which colorway Lynn used? it is spectacular!

woolbearers said...

Lisa, I'll find out this week and let you know the color of Tapestry she used. It is great looking, isn't it?