Monday, July 28, 2008

Beautiful Things and Blue Ribbons

Gwen finished the Northern Lights Shawl in four days. I'm sorry, but I couldn't finish anything in four days. She found that the colors used are truly those found in the Northern Lights. It is a work of art.

Sabra entered her socklettes that she is knitting for her future daughter-in-law and the members of the wedding party in the Burlington County Farm Fair. She explains, '
The blue ribbons for the sweater and footies were both in the Knitting Division, Women's apparel class ....... The pink ribbon for the socks was for "Best in Class" .... The sweater is a top down pullover that has a basket weave pattern through the midriff. Myra dyed the yarn for both projects.

Kelly knit the baby blanket from Muench Big Baby. She said it was a quick and fun knit. Her Great American Afghan is coming together!

Barbara Jean felted the balls out of Lamb's Pride as a gift for her grandsons. They are great!

Gwen has one sleeve left to finish on her February Lady Sweater.

This group is our Bung's Tavern SnB. Overheard; Guinness and socks don't mix. Don't try this at home.


Too Twisted Donna said...

Congratulations Sabra on your
Blue Ribbons and Best of Show!!!!
Well Done!!!!!!

Too Twisted Donna said...

A Blue Ribbon and Best of Show!!!!
Well Done!!!

Gwens shawl is just spectacular!!
the colors and the lightness...
just beautiful!

Tola said...

Gwen is going to think i am a huge copy-cat, because now i want to make that shawl. i like to think of it that she is inspiring me to branch out from only socks.

woolbearers said...

Tola, Gwen will love it if you knit the shawl!!! We can do a kal if you want. You know me, always more than willing to start another project!!!