Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Everybody's looking for something, something to fill in the holes...
Van Halen

My husband happened to be sitting with me while I was watching HGTV a couple of years ago. Featured was a woman who collected vintage wedding dresses, and she modeled a lovely piece that she confessed cost $10,000. Jim paled, looked at me and said, "Just keep buying yarn." I have been happy to oblige.

Gas cost $4.00 a gallon in my neighborhood. I went to the Acme yesterday and bought three little bags of food and my bill was over $100. I know a gentleman who goes to Atlantic City every weekend, and it isn't for the buffets. Buying a little yarn isn't such a bad thing.

Knitting, but more specifically, yarn, satisfies me. When I quit smoking a few years ago, I noticed that my yarn consumption increased dramatically. For purely health reasons, I have had to alter my diet. No more sugar or white flour. I really and truly don't miss it, but I again, I noticed that I take more yarn out of the store than is returning as finished projects. I'm filling in those holes!

We sell a lot of yarn for sweaters. Today alone several gal's bought sweater yarn, and this was high end stuff, some of it our hand dyed, which isn't cheap, and their bills surprised them at the reasonable amounts. For under $60, two of them got hours of relaxing pleasure. A mediocre meal at the diner cost that much and whatever satisfaction it gives is soon gone.

So what I am trying to say is try to stop feeling guilty because you are doing something so healthy, safe and creative for yourself.
This group of women came in on Sunday and knit up a storm. It was just an impromptu gathering. They helped each other, laughed and generally had a great time.

Millie's Ty Dy top is gorgeous!

Below, new yarn, including all the Manos colors needed for the Autumn Aster Sweater, designed by Michele Rose Oren.

The other pile is Big Baby by Muench; the only 100% acrylic yarn we ever bought. But it is beautiful, soft, real bulky so baby projects go fast, and inexpensive.

The baby surprise, below, is knit of Cherry Tree Hill by Tola. Cate's sweater designed by Cottage Creations will have little buttons with Scotty Dogs on them!

Sharon is modeling her beautiful February Lady Sweater below while she and Sarah contemplate more yarn purchases.....

The hat and scarf are Leila's and beautiful. She'll be all set for winter.


Tola said...

oh, i think that's My BSJ, of Cherry Tree Hill.

woolbearers said...

You are so right!!! I'm so sorry! Donna's was made of Knit Col and I didn't have my camera when she brought it in. I'm truly losing my memory.

Tola said...

LOL its all good, im not offended. see you Friday!