Tuesday, July 08, 2008

More Cleaning

Going through some projects in my basement this past week brought to mind an article I read in a weaving magazine not too long ago. A weaver friend was visiting and noticed an unfinished project on the loom that had been there a year ago. "What you have there is a dog", she said. The woman agreed and cut the piece off the loom and threw it.

I think there is some criteria for throwing away UFP's. If the needles that the piece is on aren't made anymore, and were new when the knitting was first started, that qualifies. This includes those argyle socks your grandmother started on bakelite double points. Why pass them down to your kids? So they can feel guilty and not be able to throw them, too? Find a relative that loves to hoard and give the socks to her to finish.

How about socks for a friend you know longer speak to? (Ouch.) Throw. An unfinished afghan that has some mouse chews. Throw. If moths have gotten to the parts of a sweater that you intend to finish before you pass, it's time to say goodbye. You will feel so free, and there will be room for more new yarn.

Tola and her great friends from PA met at Woolbearers for lunch and a shopping spree.

Mary's newest tapestry, hot off the loom. Wish you could see it live. It's a real work of art.

Alice's Simply Shetland masterpiece, inspiring all of us to start our fall projects!

Karen's gorgeous shawl of SWTC Melody and Oasis Bamboo.

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