Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I’m Knitting and I can’t Shut-up
Have you ever seen the T-Shirt that says “I’m talking and I can’t shut-up” ? Well, right now, I am knitting and I can’t seem to stop. I finally downloaded the pattern for the Kauni cardigan and I can’t stop knitting. Every row there is another color change and it is so exciting to see. I love, love, love knitting with this yarn. It is so forgiving. If I have to rip (it’s inevitable), the ripped out stitch actually stays in place, so I don’t have to worry about it running down the ladder and then picking up with my knitting needle, I mean crochet hook. The yarn actually seems to soften up as you knit along. It may be because we got the Kauni on cones and it may still have some spinning oil in it. I understand that after you wash your project, it will soften up even more. And did I mention the color changes? I am using the “Rainbow” colorway, and there are subtle changes along the way, but looking at the project from a distance it doesn’t look subtle at all. This cardigan is a great introduction to fair-isle knitting, since there are only 4 rows out of 10 that require you to change yarns every few stitches. The rest of the time you are doing stockinette and letting the yarn do all the color change work. It’s a pretty basic sweater wth some steeking involved – sounds like a great class – eh? Will keep you posted.
Of course, I have absolutely no business starting yet another project. So, instead, I started two more new projects.

Last week I posted a picture of my Hemlock Ring blanket. I just started a new one out of Jojoland’s Rhythm for our knit-along which starts Friday and Saturday.
We will be getting a new yarn from Mountain Colors called River Twist and while we were at TNNA

in June, we bought a skein and a pattern for this lovely scarf.

With the summer and my kids being home from school (we'll never see this picture again, allergy tests show that Zach is allergic to grass), I don't have as much time to dye. I know that everyone thinks when I'm not at the store I get to sit at home and knit, but usually on my so-called days off, I dye, dye, dye. Driving kids to camp and too many doctors and dentists appointments have kept me from the dye pots. I did however get to dye up some new sock yarn last week. This is from Plymouth Yarns and is called "Happy Choices". We bought a lot of undyed blanks and are going to town. You knit straight from the machine knit piece, unraveling as you go. I can't wait to see this colorway knit up.
Since many of you have asked, I will sign my posts from now on.

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