Sunday, August 10, 2008

Two Steps Forward, One (Or Six) Step Back

Finally, thanks to the support and help of my own students, who I am supposed to be teaching, I figured out a way to do some lace without having to rip every five inches. This is so weird, because I've successfully done lace before. Something must have happened to my brain in the past three months, but now with the use of flash cards, yes, I said flash cards, I have successfully knitted ten inches of the February Lady Sweater, and six inches of edging on the Stonington Shawl. I'm not saying there aren't a few mistakes lurking in there, but is it isn't anything I would be ashamed to show to, say, my partner.

Detail of February Lady Gull Lace pattern, which is a simple, four row repeat. However, if you forgot that you were making a large sweater, and are trying to knit an extra large on the amount of stitches you cast on for a large, it ain't happening, folks. Why I thought I was making an XL is beyond me, but I did a lot of ripping until I finally figured out what was going on.
Below is the beginnings of the lace edging on my Stonington Shawl. I had reservations about using the Kauni as the edging, but now I love it. It really holds it's shape and is good compliment to the Jamieson. Thanks to Jill for the card idea.

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