Wednesday, August 27, 2008

KIP Redux
So, of course I am still, forever working on my Kauni cardigan. I was in the lobby of the gym waiting for husband, knitting on the cardigan when I heard a large gasp “Oh – you have the yarn”. I looked up and saw a customer of Woolbearers. “Where did you get that yarn?” she asked plaintively. “Why, at my store”. “Where’s your store?” “You know, Woolbearers, you are a customer.” “Oh, I thought you looked familiar – are you making THE sweater, you know, the one the Yarn Harlot made?” So we chatted a while and husband appeared and we both said our goodbyes and she will be in the store soon to get the yarn. A good KIP story.
The sad part is, when I got home, I realized that I didn’t count correctly when dividing up the sweater for the steeks (I was just about done with the body when I realized this), so I had to frog all the way back to the beginning of the armhole steeks. All the work that I had done while on vacation – poof – gone. I was a little upset, but I really took this one in stride. Worse things happen, I think.
Now, the colors did actually meet and the after one set of four rows of the fair isle pattern, the colors actually switched places – the color that was on the ball that I took from the inside changed places with the ball of yarn that I was taking from the outside and now everything looks almost mirror image. There are a few rows where it really blends and it’s a little hard to see the actual pattern, but I think most folks who are knitting this experience the same thing (at least the pictures of the sweaters that I have seen on Ravelry) – and I am sure we didn’t all start knitting in the same place.

While on vacation we stopped at Shadeyside Farm to pick up some of the yarn that we had spun for us by Deborah and Dave. This time we had them spin an alpaca/romney blend. I can't wait to get out the dyepots.
Draw Frame and Spindle Spinner
Yarn ready for dyeing.

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