Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Customer GoodiesJane's lovely blanket of 1824 Mission Falls Cotton. It is so soft and drapey and isn't heavy at all like many cottons are. I think the spinning does the trick.
Suzanne's newest felted bag with the fabric she found at the Village Quilter in Mt. Holly. Perfect. The colors are deeper than they appear. I was having a bad camera day.
The back of the Beech Leaf Vest Suzanne is knitting. It is really beautiful.

Below, Beth standing with Paula, who comes to see us in low country Mt. Holly whenever she is visiting from the High Desert, California.

From the One Skein knit a long, arm warmers. Joanna on the left and Gwen on the right~
The Crochet Today felted shawl in the magazine and Joanna's version below.
The leg warmers, vest and bag Jill knit for her grand daughter. She is a lucky kid! We'll have to see if we can get a picture of her in them.

Gwen's top knit of Calmer with detail below. It looks really comfortable!

Socks by Gwen!
A new shawl, by Gwen, knit of a strand of Anne, something hand dyed, and then she found the acid yellow Cherry Tree Hill. I can't wait to see where that will end up! The colors are much more brilliant than they appear in the photo.

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