Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Hopefully, you had a good day doing whatever it is that your family does on summer holidays. I loved watching the news this evening; barbecues, playing on the beach, going into the city, visiting with friends and loved ones. Me, I walked behind the brush mower for four hours. Besides the fact that I can't lift a glass to my lips, I don't feel too badly. I wonder what the translation is in hours in the gym for farm chores?

I noticed our big dog had a longish stick in his mouth as he was cavorting around the field. It turned out to be a deer leg, which caused the dog fight from hell in our living room. While my husband tried to separate the fighters with a broom, (we've learned the hard way not to interfere during their skirmishes with bare flesh), I got the lovely job of picking up the treasured leg bone and throwing it outside, where my husband then disposed of it. I dread thinking of what would have happened if Jim had been in Atlanta when the fight broke out. I'd have two dead dogs.

Above is the ribwarmer in Summer Rush. Finally.
Cate's moebius in Manos Silk and Wool.
We had a pretty big group of knitters on Sunday; this is one corner of the room.
Kathleen and her husband, on a trip from Spring Lake. To see her absolutely fabulous historical costumes, all sewn and embroidered by Kathleen, go to their website, The Wool Merchant's Daughter.
Kristen knit this great summer top for mom, Jill, of soysilk Oasis.
Sylvia and her adorable grandson, Zack, here from Michigan to see her son and Zach's dad off as he goes back to Iraq. We wish him well. Sylvia had to buy something to work on while she was in town! Home safe to you and your family, Sylvia.

These three projects in process are from the Adult Surprise Class. Top; Carol's great work in Cascade, then below, more glorious Cascade for Barbara, and then on the bottom, Jill's incredible sweater in cotton and bamboo.

Ok, I guess I'll crawl down the stairs and see if I can reach the refrigerator. Maybe my husband will feed me something.

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