Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer is here and it shows in the yarns and projects that you are choosing. I'm still knitting with wool because I have to finish some things before I succumb to starting anything else. The Knit Kimono book has really got my attention, but that isn't an overnight project for me. Yesterday, a customer chose fingering weight Lyndon Hill Silk and Cotton from Plymouth to knit the Modular Quilt Scarf!!! I think that is a fabulous idea, and I may have to copy her.

Below are two things I finished on my days off this week. The Garter Stitch Vest, from Folk Vests, was the easiest vest I knit until I tried to do something different with the collar and lapels. For me, by the book is the way to go everytime. I bet I tore it out three times....

Folk Vests Garter Stitch Vest. What shall my next project out of this great book be????
From 101 Designer One Skein Wonders, Feather and Fan Baby Sweater of one skein of Sheep
Shop number three Silk and Wool; easy, fast, satisfying, and what a great baby gift!!!

Below is a detail of Anne's second clapotis ofWoolbearers hand dyed worsted weight cotton. It will be perfect for a cool, summer night!

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