Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To Market to market to buy more yarn of course -- here is my version of the "Let's Go to the Yuba River" Market Bag by Allison Rapp of Fibers Yarn & Gallery in Grass Valley CA. Allison is another yarn shop owner that I know from one of the yahoo groups I belong to and she graciously shared this pattern with all of the other shops. What a great bag -- it can be made out of any of the cottons or cotton blend yarns that we have -- on big needles (size 13-17), so it is a very quick knit. This one is knitted out of Rowan Handknit cotton; I used 3 different colors and just changed colors when I felt like it. Some of the other yarn shop owners say they have been knitting it with novelty yarn. Can't wait to see how those look. Come into the shop and you will get a free pattern if you buy yarn to make the bag. This version takes about 250 yards.

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