Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kelly's colorful baby blanket of Baby Ull is a study in techniques. She enjoyed adding the different mitered squares and the lacy corner. Kelly came in to the store today and is working on a wonderful top from The Best Of Interweave. Kristen is also knitting the top for her mom, Jill, out of bamboo and it, too is gorgeous.

It was family day in the store; Lisa and her son, Deb and her mom, Anne and husband, Doc Ansel. Ok, here's the fun part; I worked with Dr. Ansel at Hahnemann back in the early 1980's, and Deb worked with him right here in Mt. Holly until his recent retirement. Anne is a prolific knitter and quilter.

The camera was left behind at the store again today, so I'll post more pictures tomorrow, including one of Jane's blanket. I'm almost finished with my second rib warmer. It's put together; I'm doing the i-cord edging now. Also, the little sample of an Elizabeth Zimmerman Stonington Shawl that we are going to knit as part of the Knitting Workshop study group is coming along. It's really simple; you begin with two stitches and increase at the beginning of each row until it is as big as you desire, and then start decreasing at the beginning of each row until there are just two stitches left again.

Without breaking the yarn, you then pick up three stitches in every two rows along one side of the square you have just knit. I chose to go around my square counterclockwise. You increase at the beginning of every row, forming a trapezoid. This is knit about one third or more as wide as the square. After all four sides are done, you knit the lace border that you want. Choosing the pattern for the lace border will be fun!

We decided we need another Noni bag sample for the store, so I am going to knit the Metro Bag! I can't wait. The bag is done in bright pink and green. I'll start it Monday! More tomorrow.

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