Saturday, April 12, 2008

Another busy Saturday at the store! Some of our favorite friends showed up. (We love it when the men shop. ) Lots of new customers came in and old friends brought family members from a distance.

Susan brought in her cousin, Carol who is visiting from Virginia. The only problem with it is that we will miss her next weekend! We had fun trying some new things out today.
Brook's wonderful and roomy bag with moebius strap. Her slippers above would be perfect for a Hobbit.
Dr. Camille with her smashing Manos scarf. Perfect!
Karen's outstanding jacket from Vogue, knit in Cotton Fleece and her stash! It has to be seen to be appreciated. It's so textural; that was the surprise for me considering the yarn she used as Cotton Fleece is so smooth and soft! Just shows you that technique and color choice go a long way.
Uyvonne, Darlene, Carol, Susan and Megan, making beaded bags.
Last Friday's Meetup Knit In had the largest turn out yet...over twenty women came! We had a great time seeing everyone's projects. Today, Sonja came in and said she wished we could do it every week.
The sock knitters from Sabra's class got together at the Meetup; socks below.
Tola is a sock knitting freak! She finishes more socks than any other knitter I know. The picture below this one is of her special hand dyed yarn! Isn't it yummy! The following pictures are the clapotis from our knit along. Only Gwen's isn't here, but I'm sure there is a picture of it someplace else in the blog as she was finished long before anyone else!
Above, this is the beginning of Carol's clapotis; before long it will look like something in the following pictures...
Just below is Joanna's lovely scarf...she's knit at least three.

Brynn's hand dyed cotton clapotis.
Arlene's hand dyed cotton clapotis.
Who's is this??? I know it is Manos Silk and wool, but who knit it??? Thirty lashes for me.
Anne's perfect Manos Silk and Wool...the colors are wonderful!
This is mine of Colinette Giotto and Isis. Now Susan's cousin from Virginia, Carol, is making one out of the same yarns, Magenta colorway. It will be great!!!

The following yarns are the students selection for their Adult Surprise Jacket. It will be fun to see how the yarns will look knit up!
Barb's colorful choice just makes me want to knit!
Judy's yarns are soft and beautiful.
Bean's Manos extravaganza!!! Her swatch is gorgeous.
Robin's Brown Sheep... cannot wait to see her jacket at the next class.
Suzanne's stash; lovely and subtle.
Kris' will outdo herself!
Jill's has bamboo, hand dyed cotton and Cotton Fleece, among other lovely finds.

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