Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Einstein, thank god you're finished. It's a little hot in my house to knit with a couple of pounds of bulky wool yarn on my lap. The buttons still need to be sewed on; they are just laying there, and it needs mucho blocking. Nothing like a good blocking to hide any mistakes.
This is Beth's Lady Eleanor that she morphed into an afghan for her mother in law, who spent a month of hell in the ICU, but is home now and doing better. The colorway is called Women's Intuition....There was a cool story behind it but I forgot what it was!!!
Don't put towels in with your knitting to be felted, no matter who tells you to do it!!! These adorable mules, a Fiber Trend pattern, just need a simple shaving and they will be good as new.
Gwen's Adult Surprise of mostly Julia. Isn't it great! Love those beachy colors!
Gwen's shawl; Joanna did the same shawl out of green and gold yarns. (I blogged about it a few days ago.) Great way to use small amounts of 'dear' yarns.

Change of plans...

Here is a picture of some of the handspun yarn I spun and saved over a period of five years that didn't make it into the store to be sold. Most of it has some special meaning to me. The yarn was spun from rovings I dyed. There was even a small piece of yarn, the orangey, red and blue, that Myra's daughter dyed when she was helping me one day. I've wanted to use the yarn in some way, but wanted it to be special; the Adult Surprise Jacket seems the perfect use for small amounts of special yarn. It would be my first personal knitting in a long time.

I had some time a few nights ago, so I dug the yarns, some of them still on the spinning wheel bobbins, out of a china cabinet I used to store things like yarn and roving. To keep them safe.....

After taking the pictures, I sat down to start swatching and the first ball I picked up fell apart in my hands. It didn't take me long to figure out what had happened, and the sick feeling in my stomach got stronger as ball after ball of yarn was examined and ultimately thrown in the trash. I had been visited by a moth. Because of the amount of wool I have in the house, I spray and use moth bombs at least every three months, but the chemicals couldn't reach the handspun because I had placed it in the cabinet for safe keeping. By the way, there was also sachets made especially for moth repellent, in the cabinet. I'm certain now there is nothing better than good old fashioned poisonous sprays to kill the little mothers.

Gwen gave me the Knitter's Mag with the pattern for the Adult Surprise, and the sample in the issue shows a sweater knit of Aurora 8, which we have. I am debating whether or not to do it out of that yarn, but will think for a while. I really had my heart set on that darn handspun.

My husband is coming home tonight after being in Atlanta for a couple of days and I really can't wait to see him. As much as we get on each other's nerves, we really do love each other and these absences are wearing me down. Even the sheep miss him! When he drives up, they will great him with great baaaing, and the four dogs, (five, including me), will be waiting in the door.

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