Saturday, April 12, 2008

As promised, here begins several weeks of pictures of mostly customer projects. I apologize for not knowing what some of them are knit of and in two cases, who the knitter was! If you recognize anything, please comment.

Linda's shopping bag of Linen Isle. I need several!
Janet's bag of Sheep Shop. It's great!
Elda's sweet little cable bag with black bamboo handles.
Brynn's rib warmer of Manos with fimo buttons from Bull's Eye.
Carol and Jo discussing socks.....
That fabulous Venezia ruffled scarf.
Another weaving project finished by Joanne...lace weaves in silk.
Marcy and her posse are knitting helmet liners for the troups. For the pattern, go to
Kristen's been going crazy finishing projects! This rib warmer for a niece is done in novelty yarns and is a great way to use up partial skeins, Kristen says.
One of several yarmulkes she knit for her sons. They are works of art.
This one has a touch of glitz.
Joanna had a finishing frenzy. This little shrug is of Nikki and it's just lovely.

Her cable bag with sequins.
Sexy top of I forgot which yarn. Will find out and fix later.
Little monster!
Snow flake to skull....a have to been seen to be appreciated work! Arm warmers....
Sunday's lovely side to side sweater of Lopi.
Back view...I love how well it fits.

Lianne's new baby!!! Congratulations!

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Corvus_Alatus said...

hey! coolness! the snowflake to skull armwarmers are from the Anticraft online magazine; lots of awsome things over there. ( )

Those armwarmers are among my favorites from the site.