Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mind Over Matter....

Please forgive the days of silence; I think I am finally recovered from Easter and have arrived back on planet Earth. Boy, talk about being in the ozone for an extended period! However, I did get several projects done; the Clapotis and Einstein Coat, and I made some headway on the Falling Leaf Vest and several other things that have been lurking.

My dining room table is cleared off and the vases of colorful, old needles are the center piece. My husband loves it. He said he thought it looked 'really cool'. Slowly, I am taking inventory of fibers and yarns that I bought knowing that someday, they would come in handy.

I was puttering around the house today when Myra called with the following news; she had just opened a letter from the Courier Post saying Woolbearers was voted 'Best Knitting Shop' in South Jersey! Thank you, customers who voted for us!!! They have a party in May and we get to go mingle with the rest of the Best Of crowd. I'm not sure what else goes along with it, but will keep you updated!

There are about 100 pictures on my camera that have to be doctored in photoshop, and then I can post them. Stay tuned!!!


Too Twisted Donna said...


Best Yarn Shop!!!!!

I could have told you that a
long time ago :~)

Too Twisted Donna

Heidi Jill Price said...

Hi Suzie! Awesome news, and I am not the least bit surprised! Someday I will get back east and see your new shop. Wow, you got a lot of knitting done!


Lisa C. said...

Congratulations! That is so cool. You guys deserve it.

Lisa C.

Mary (aka Mina) said...

Good for you!!! amazing how many of us knew that you and your shop was the best long before the post did.