Monday, April 28, 2008

Once in a while I will find a book that inspires me so much that I want to knit everything in it. Folk Vests is one them, and while I have only knit two of the projects, I intend on doing more. Knitting Workshop is another, and we are working through that book in Woolbearers as a series of classes and knit -a- longs.

Yesterday, Beth, Gwen and Joanna were inspired to do that very thing with this great book, One Skein, but as a knit-a-long. They made up some rules, which includes having to do the projects in the order in which they appear in the book. I'll find out more about it and write later.

The first project are the leg warmers. They look like nifty little things in print, but I am wondering if one skein will cut it for my warrior calves. (A tad bigger than most women's due to my ancestors squatting in the fields.) I'm going to try to knit with the gals.
This great little gem arrived in the store last week.....there are so many ideas for great projects! We are mulling over one othem for a community project...more later.

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Anonymous said...

Folk Vests is my all time favorite book as well! We should jump off Gwen, Joanna, and Beth's idea and knit all the vests in the book. Hmmm - something to ponder!