Sunday, April 13, 2008

Moebius, easy to knit on purpose, tough to avoid. I am the queen of the twisted join. Socks, sweater in the round, hats, I've twisted the joins and retwisted the joins and then after several tries, success. I have seen, however, some knitting that got slightly farther than the initial first row.

A few years back, a gal was having trouble with her entrelac bag. Lo and behold, she was knitting a moebius bag! She was into the fourth row of rectangles when her mistake was discovered, and as you know, the only cure is to rip right back to the cast on. It almost finished her for entrelac.

We've seen the moebius blanket, moebius mitten, but my favorite was the moebius yarmulke. There is no cure for the accidental moebius. I am thinking of this because I am ripping my purposeful moebius for the third time, this time because my yarn over's don't line up like they are supposed to. So, no picture of my moebius, yet.

I was able to get a few pictures today....

Below, Suzanne's wonderful Fair Isle bag of Cascade.
This beauty is going to be a class next fall. It is chock full of techniques, including cables and intarsia.
Joanne's latest woven project! I thought the lace shawl I blogged about yesterday was the latest, but she weaves so darn fast, you never know. This is of sock yarn! The royal blue is a merino blend that she forgot the name of and the background is Sockotta. Wow! It's gorgeous.
Detail of fabric.
Little dolly, knit by Rachel. The body is JCA/Reynolds Playtime. Her bikini, below, is of PJ's and she knit it in an hour while sitting in the store! She's an amazing kid.

Nina knit her socks of Woolbearers superwash sock yarn, colorway Mixed Fruit. Nice to see you, Nina!

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