Monday, December 19, 2011

If you need a quick project to do in time for Christmas -- here it is.  This is a one skein project.

Rowan Colourspun Cowl

Materials: 1 skein Rown Colourspun - 148 yards (72% Wool, 14% Nylon, 14% Mohair) or other DK weight yarn

Needles: US Size 7 16”
Gauge - 5 st/inch
Finished size (stretched) – 7” x 30”

Cast on 120. Place marker and join to work in the round.
*Purl 5 rows, Knit 4 rows. Repeat from * 4 more times.
Purl 4 rows. Bind off loosely in purl.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It's that time of year again.  Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season. I know it's a cliche, but there is so much to be thankful for -- especially all of my wonderful customers who have been so supportive of me during the past few years.  I'd like to thank each and everyone of you.

I'm really excited to be getting in this absolutely wonderful book -- Coastal Knits with patterns by Hannah Fettig and Alana Dakos.  Can't wait until February when we have the trunk show so you can see all those beautiful patterns in person.  The only problem I have is, which item do I knit first?

Here are a few books that you may want to put on your Christmas list.

Another wishlist item -- New needles for Woolbearers -- we are now carrying Knitters Pride needles in Dreamz, Cubics and Novas.  Here's a look at the Dreamz interchangeables.

or how about a ceramic yarn bowl -- these make great gifts

We had a wonderful time needlefelting turkeys a few weeks ago.   Susan has agreed to teach another needlefelting class in the wintertime.

Remember we had a KAL for Sunday Holms' Green Sweater?   Well, Jane finally finished her Green Sweater -- she did a fabulous job.  First time doing steeks and she survived!

Nelida came to my Project Time class to work on  this sweater.  It's a free pattern on the Cascade website called Basket and Garter Cardigan. She used Cascade 220.  Love the buttons, which are made out of the same yarn.

Nancy has been coming to my Learn to Knit an Afghan class, but decided to branch out -- she made an Einstein Jacket -- her very first sweater and despite what Nancy thinks, it looks great.  This one is made out of Cascade Eco Wool.

 Madelyn's been knitting a lot longer, but wanted to make an Einstein Jacket too.  Her's is out of Lopi and she whipped this up in no time.  I must have one!

Skirts are the lastest knitting/crocheting craze.   I made mine from a Churchmouse pattern "Simple Straight Skirt".  There's quite a few gals knitting this up too! Can't wait to see their results. The yarn I used is Knit One, Crochet Too's Meadow Silk.  It's a 30% silk, 70% highland wool yarn that resists pilling, so  I thought it would be a good choice for a skirt.

 Janet made her skirt out of Debbie Bliss Amalfi and did this all in Tunisian Crochet.  It's really lovely.

Sue knit up here first sweater -- the Wonderful Wallaby out of Cascade 220. It's really wonderful to see folks who just started knitting a while ago complete a big project like this.  Great job, Sue!
 In case you are looking for some hats to knit up -- here are a few that I've recently made.  The first one is a pattern from the Sublime book for their Luxurious Extrafine Merino DK yarn (yes, that's the name).  And the yarn really does live up to it's name
This one is made out of Stonehedge Fiber Mill's Shepherd yarn (worsted weight) and Hikoo's WoolieBullie.  Love that name! One, two, three, quatro. It's a fun yarn and great for all sorts of trimmings.

 I couldn't resist this Pom Pom hat made with Tahki's Melody -- a bulky yarn with a chainette construction and great color combos.
Last, but not least is Donna's Catkin -- she used "something I got in a swap" and Malabrigo sock yarn.  It's just gorgeous.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ponchos are everywhere, so I decided to update a poncho I made 7 years ago.  Here's the old version -- a little bit of glitz, kind of outdated, wouldn't you say?

And here's the new version.   A little bit more sophisticated with a touch of glitter.

And here is the pattern:



Color A: Classic Elite Kumara # 5716 - 3 skeins
Color B Manos Maxima #M8881 - 1 skein
Color C Berocco Flicker #3334 - 1 skein

Size when finished:  Neck is approximately 20" around, bottom of poncho is approximately 75" around and  poncho is approximately  20" long.

Gauge: 4.5 stitches = 1 inch with larger needle.Needles: 16” and 47” Size 8; 24”, 32” and 47” Size 9
As poncho increases in stitch count, change to larger length needle to accommodate number of stitches

Increase round: * K1,M1L, knit to one sttich before marker. M1R, K1, SM, , repeat from * 3 more times,  end K1

With color A, cast on 100 stitches. Place marker and join to work in the round on 16” size 8 needles

Work K1 P1 Rib for eight rows

Change to 24” Size 9 needles
Knit entire row, placing markers every 25 stitches using a different color marker for these 3  markers,, so you know which is the beginning of the round.
Knit one increase round

Round 1: Change to color B and Knit entire round.
Round 2: repeat increase round.
Round 3 Knit entire round
Round 4 repeat increase round
Round 5 Knit entire round
Round 6 repeat increase round
Round 7 change to color A and knit entire round
Round 8 Repeat increase round
Round 9 Change to color C and knit entire round
Round 10 *P1, M1P purl to one sttich before marker. M1P, P1, SM, , repeat from * 3 more times,  end P1
Round 11 change to color A and knit entire round
Round 12 Repeat increase round

Repeat these Rounds 1-12 for 3 more times

Round 13: Change to color B and Knit entire round.
Round 14: Knit entire round
Round 15 Knit entire round
Round 16 repeat increase round
Round 17 Knit entire round
Round 18 Knit entire round
Round 19 change to color A and knit entire round
Round 20 Repeat increase round
Round 21 Change to color C and knit entire round
Round 22 PURL entire round
Round 23 change to color A and knit entire round
Round 24 Repeat increase round

Repeat rounds 13-24 2 more times.

Round 25 Change to color B and Knit entire round.
Round 26 Knit entire round
Round 27 Knit entire round
Round 28 repeat increase round
Round 29 Knit entire round
Round 30 Knit entire round
Round 31 change to color A and knit entire round
Round 32 Knit entire round
Round 33 Change to color C and knit entire round
Round 34 PURL entire round
Round 35 change to color A and knit entire round
Round 36 Knit entire round

Repeat rounds 25-36 2 more times

Change to 47” Size 8 needles and K1 P1 rib for 8 rounds. Bind off. Add fringe if desired.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Woolbearers is having a new KAL-- the "Mitered Square Sweater" from the  Elizabeth Zimmerman book Knit One Knit All.  This sweater is not for the faint of heart.  The construction is unlike any other sweater I've ever seen.  And, like all EZ patterns, you have to read the pattern instructions very, very carefully.  The gals who are in the KAL are all at various stages, but love doing this one.  Here are some pix.

Here is a picture of the completed sweater from the book. Great looking sweater - eh?

I think that Susan is the furthest  along and is now working on attaching a new color to the sides.  She is using Cascade 220 sport and is the only one doing a two-color sweater.  I can't wait to see how the second color works.

Frances is making progress.  She was getting a pedicure the other day and was knitting this project  Two other ladies were there and insisted this could not possibly become a sweater.   Guess they never heard of EZ

Gary and Frances are both using Simply Shetland Sprindrift.  As usual, Gary is marking every 5 rows so he knows exactly where he is.  Someone remarked that his was perfect and believe, me it is!

 Jane and Linda chose Imperial Stock Ranch Tracie to knit the sweater with.  Jane finally turned this one corner and is on her way finishing the first part. Linda has a ways to go, but is getting there.

Great new patterns from Jenny Watson done in all sorts of Noro yarns. 
Knit Wear is a new magazine from Interweave and has great patterns and articles.  Lots of simpler, elegant patterns and lots of great info on knitting.  Come check it out.

The latest buzz on Ravelry is the Beekeeper's Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits. It's a great little project, because you simply knit a gazillion of these little hexagons and put them together whenever you are ready.  I love having projects that I can just pick up and carry around with me, especially when I have to wait at the dentist office, etc.  You can use up all the leftover sock yarn, or, of course, you can just buy more -- I think she says that one skein of Koigu will do about 12 hexagons.

Golf anyone?  Fran came into the store to learn to knit, so that she could make covers for her husband's golf clubs.  Well, she ended up making some for herself, a few baby blankets, sweaters, the Einstein jacket.  You see what happens.

Beverly comes in on Friday mornings to knit and just had her first grandchild, who of course, is going to have his first hand knit sweater from Grandma.  She used a pattern from Lana Grossa's Filati Infanti Spring 2011 book and knit it in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.  We had a little trouble with the pattern translation, but the folks at Muench were a tremendous help and Beverly successfully finished the sweater.  Now, if only the weather will cooperate.

Bevely also made a Challah cover for her friend's daughter who recently got engaged.  She was thrilled to get such a wonderful gift.

Janet keeps pumping out these baby blankets.  Both blankets are Churchmouse Yarns "Picot Edge Baby Blanket".  The first one is out of Woolbearers Superwash Chunky and does not not the picot edge, but Janet put a ribbon around the border.  The second one is out of Viking Balder and does have the picot edge.

 And Sara finished her Westknits' Mystery Shawl.  She used some of her leftovers along with Shibui sock yarn for great effect.  Love those colors together.
 Sandra knit the Clinton Cowl from the Berocco Booklet #313.  It's made out of Berocco Vintage and lots of colors! Looks great around her neck.
Speaking of around the neck, Sandra also knit this necklace out of Southwest Trading's Jazz.  I put a button on, but you can jazz it up with anything -- a shawl pin, perhaps.

This a wonderful  pattern from Berocco -- booklet # 314, called Caffe.  It's made out of Berocco Voyage, an alpaca/nylon blend that has a chained construction and the "fleece" part is out of Berocco Nanuk.  Come in and check it out.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

No, it's not December and Chanukah has not begun.  After the hurricane I lost power.  My son said that one good thing about being Jewish is that you always have candles.  So, I brought out the menorah, lit a few candles and knit peacefully.  There was no TV, radio, computer or other distractions.  Just me and  my knitting.  I was really fortunate.  I was able to hook up my sump pump to my neighbors generator with about 18 extension cords going between the two houses, so my basement didn't flood.  I had to keep the doors open ever so slightly to accomodate the cords, and had to booby trap the doors, so the kitties wouldn't escape which they inevitably tried and almost succeeded.  The power came back about 3:30 am on Tuesday morning.  I feel so very lucky.  I know there has been great devastation to other parts of New Jersey.  Mill Race Village, where my store used to be was hit particularly hard. Lots of folks told me how soothing knitting was during the hurricane.  I have to agree. I am so glad that I know how to knit.

Here are some completed projects from classes that we have.  Jamie likes our Tuesday night knitting class and is gung ho on making things for her kids.  She recently found out a third one is on the way, so she just had to make a pixie hat from the Vintage Baby Knits book.   This one is made out of Jojoland Superwash Melody and is cute as can be. All we need is the baby to model it for us.

 And here is her Baby Surprise jacket out of Jojoland Rhythm Superwash.  This baby will be well dressed.

A finished poncho from Mary, modeled by Lisa.  This one is knit out of Cascade Lana Grande. I hear ponchos are coming back in a big way this fall.

 Jeanne was constantly coming in for more Cascade 220, I couldn't imagine what she was making.  Here it is -- Babette's Blanket, crocheted out of Cascade 220 and Plymouth Worsted Superwash Merino.  She did a fabulous job.
 Janet has been knitting up a storm (no pun intended).  She completed 3 sweaters, several scarves and hats and is working on 2 baby blankets this summer.  This is the Wallaby she made for her sister, who tried it on and it fit perfectly!
 Jane made this Wrap Me up Shawl this summer using SWTC Karaoke and trimmed it with Plymouth Worsted Superwash Merino.  It's going to look great over a black coat.

We've been getting in tons of new yarn. Here's a little preview:

Balder from Viking -- it's a chunky superwash yarn, great for baby blankets

Bazinga from Plymouth, a self-striping chunky wool/acrylic blend

This is Voyage from Berocco, made of an alpaca/nylon blend it has a chained construction for a light and airy feel.

 Casbah -- merino/cashmere blend sock yarn by Handmaiden
 New Noro Kureyon and Silk Garden colors
 Juli is a chunky alpaca/nylon blend with a little bit of glitz
 Lustrous Extrafine Merino DK -- merino/nylon blend that really glows
 Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere sock yarn
Classic Elite's Vista -- alpaca/merino blend

Classic Elite Toboggan -- chunky wool/alpaca blend -- great for hats, mittens, scarves and sweaters

And here is Rowan Fine Lace -- A Suri Alpaca/Merino Blend -- there's a book of patterns for this yarn coming out in a few weeks -- can't wait to see all of the beautiful shawls.