Monday, February 25, 2013

I've stopped counting my UFO's.  It would be too depressing to actually know the number of items I have not finished.  Here are some gals who actually finish their projects.  Justine took part in our Rams and Yowes KAL and her blanket is gorgeous!

 Meg finished her Blaithin Cardigan from the KAL we started in the fall.  She did hers out of Stonehedge Shepherds wool and it worked out beautifully -- steeks and all.
Pat finished her Autumn Tam that she knit, learning two-handed fair isle in a class that I taught.  Look at those colors!

Now, this is the SECOND afghan that Rosa made this year --- that's right -- she made two afghans from the Barbara Walker Learn to Knit book in one year.  Rosa, take a bow.

I brought in a new yarn, Mimi. in January, just in time for the Vogue Live show.  Sold lots of it at the show and I just had to start a new project with it.

This is the beginning of an "Age of Brass and Steam" shawl that I will knit up until I run out of yarn.  It is the softest thing I have ever knit and I don't even mind knitting with black this time -- I think that's because the pattern is so easy. Anyway, there are 330 yards in a single skein, so you can do lots with just one.  Get 4 or 5 skeins and knit a Featherweight Cardigan. Every girl needs a little mink in their life.

 Carol Sulkoski had a book signing at the shop the day of our big sale. She was kind enough to bring in samples from the book.  Still have a few copies of the book left -- if you haven't already seen it, come in and take a look for inspiration.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Wow -- I hadn't realized how long it's been since I last posted.  I don't know whether this is due to being lazy or busy or a combination of both.

Here's some pix from the Vogue Live Show in January.  Before and after shots

 Nancy Marchant, author of Brioche Knitting stopped by the booth to pick up some Zealana yarn.  She promised to get back to me about coming to the shop next year -- wouldn't that be exciting!

 We were selling all of Zealana's yarn -- here's a shot of their booth -- they had lots of comfy sofas.

This gal bought some of my hand dyed yarn and came back this year to show it off