Monday, February 14, 2011

 The Green Sweater KAL.  Here's a picture of Sunday Holm (the recreator of EZ's Green Sweater pattern) and Jane and Mary (KAL participants) holding the actual sweater that Elizabeth Zimmerman knit so many years ago.   Woolbearers is having a KAL for knitting this sweater and the participants are having a blast!
I dyed up some of Woolbearers' Ringspun/Alpaca for the KAL. Gary is knitting it up for the store. In this picture, the sweater steeks are ready to be cut.  I told Gary that you should have a glass of wine before cutting the steeks, but he wants to make sure he has a steady hand.   I am blown away at how close in color I came to the original sweater -- I had no idea what the color was when I dyed the yarn.  EZ must have had  hand in this!

Here are some pix of other Green Sweaters in progress (although they are not all green)

I am so proud of Janet.  Two years ago she came to my beginning knitting class, not ever having picked up needles. In this class we learn to knit by doing the squares in Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit Afghan Book.  There are 63 squares in the book, each square is a different technnique.  It covers the basic garter and stockinette stitches and then goes on to do mosaic, slip stitches, lace, cable, twisted stitches and some other ones.  Well, Janet is the first one to complete the entire afghan and she did spectacular job.

Woolbearers now has Jared Flood patterns.  Janice knit up a Juneberry  Triangle Shawl out of Plymouth Worsted Merino Superwash-- the results are absolutely gorgeous.

The pattern was originally published in St. Denis Magazine 1.  So, I tried my hand at doing it in the original yarn, which is St. Denis Nordique.  I'm blocking it here -- a little difficult to see the off white shawl on a same colored background.  I'll take better pictures and post it on  Ravelry.

Jane knit a Jared Flood hat -- this one is "Laurel" from Made in Brooklyn.  She also used Plymouth Worsted Merino Superwash.  It has such great stitch definition, it is a good choice for these patterns.

Do you ever wonder where designers get their inspiration?  Sandra went to an art show and was so enamored with the artist's work that she made a scarf for him and used his artwork as inspiration for the pattern..  Scarf is made out of Berroco Vintage and Cascade 220.