Sunday, June 09, 2013

When I saw the "New" Baby Surprise pattern, I knew that I just had to make it. This pattern was reconfigured for stranded work by Elizabeth Zimmerman's grandson.  How cool is that? This Baby Surprise is done in the round with steek stitches that are later cut.  I really really wanted to use my hand dyed superwash  worsted weight yarn for this. I know you are not supposed to use superwash when you are steeking, but I have done it before with fairly good success.  So, as much as I like the way it turned out, DON'T use superwash.  Or reinforce your steeks twice.  I have to admit it got a little dicey, but I managed to catch all the little ends that started popping out.   I think you should use a heavier weight yarn for this pattern. Even though I used worsted weight, it came out tiny!
I just have to weave in all the ends and pick up and knit some collar stitches and pick up stitches arond the sleeve cuffs, knit a row or two and then I'll be done.

We're having a class starting Saturday, June 15th for the Baby Surprise Jacket -- you choose which one you want to do -- the garter stitch striped version or this new circular stranded version.
Another project that we are working on are the jackets from the book Knit Swirl.
Here, Kathy is just casting on over 600 stitches.  She decided to use Zealana Rimu DK and Queensland Velveteen for a contrast.  Can't wait to see how much she knitted up this week.

I decided to use my hand dyed Delaware Valley Ringspun/alpaca.  I only had to cast on 512 stitches and every 4th or 5th round I get to decrease! 
Judy is using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool and did her swatch, had to go down a needle size or two -- but it's better to find out now than to cast on a million stitches and have to rip that out.

Pat is definitely going to finish before any of us.  As of yesterday she was on welt #18  -- she is using Noro Silk Garden Lite with a little bit of Silky Wool thrown in.
Marian is also using Silky Wool and started over. After knitting quite a bit, she realized that the size she was doing was going to be too big. Glad she discovered that now instead of after it was all done.
Cindy never ceases to amaze me with her knitting.  She decided to do another project from the Kate Davies book, Colours of Shetland.  Here she is knitting the Ursula Cardigan, but instead of using lots of different colors, she is using Kauni Effektgarn for the color changes and one solid of Jamieson's spindrift.  Can't wait to see this finished -- which I am sure will be in no time.

Elaine brought in her Sequim shawl made out of Berroco Karma -- she added beads and it looks stunning!

Patricia loves my hand dyed yarn and sometimes mixes it with other yarns that she has spun.  Here is a kimono that she knit out of  my Delaware Valley Ringspun/Alpaca. Love the way it came out!