Monday, March 04, 2013

Now, when I received the Colours of Shetland  books from Kate Davies she had shipped them UPS from Edinburgh.  I was so excited when I got the box and picked it up immediately.  It was very heavy and noisy.  I couldn't imagine what was in the box except for books.  When I opened the box, I got a big surprise.  Does anyone have a clue as to what these object are?

We started our Colours of Shetland KAL a few weeks ago.  There were 4 projects I think that got chosen.  Most decided to do the Scatness Tam -- the smallest project, but most satisfying with all that wonderful fair-isle work.  Three of the gals already finished their tams and are off on other projects from  the book.

Now, during the course of the day, Kathy actually finished this tam.  Can you believe that Kathy only started knitting in October?  Her stitches are perfectly even.  She said that she felt intimidated after the first session, but now I'm the one who feels that way.   Fantastic job Kathy!

Chris chose her own colorways and I just
love the effect the yellowish stripe has through the center of the design

 Frances finished her hat before anyone else and is now knitting a few other things.  Love her color choices as well

 Marilyn loved knitting the fair isle hat, but is now onto other things.  Beautiful job!

I am doing the Scatness Tunic (I know -- I am a glutton for punishment).  I knit the corrugated rib and am now blissfully knitting 310 stitches of fingering weight off-white yarn in the round for 15 inches.  Only 14 more to go!