Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wow is all I can say about the Vogue Live show this past weekend.  I had been nervously anticipating the show, dyeing yarn day and night, trying to get all of the yarns together for the show. My Three Irish Girls order came in on the Wednesday before we left for NYC and am I glad it did.  It was a huge hit.  So for all of you who missed buying the yarn, don't despair --- I am putting in another order this week. Thank you Three Irish Girls for working so hard to get my order in for the show.

We shared a booth with The Yarnsisters-- distributors of Zealana yarns from New Zealand.  Jimad, a sales manager from Zealana came all the way from New Zealand for the show and Claudia, the US distributor came here from Colorado.  Woolbearers has had their yarn for some time now, but I brought a lot of bags back and some samples too. We were waiting all weekend for the New Zealand ambassador to show, but he never did come.
Lots of our regular customers stopped by, but we also made lots of new friends. Here are a few of them.

Sara bought enough Woolbearers Superwash Chunky to make 3 Purl Soho Bandana Cowls. She bought this skein on Friday and had it finished on Sunday.

Everyone loved the Alfresco yarn and I am sure I will be seeing lots of Alfresco Brioche cowls.

Ran into lots of designers.  One of the first people to stop by the booth was Shiri Mor (sorry -- didn't get a picture).  Lots of you will remember that she came to the shop 3 years ago when we were knitting her Botanica Medallion Cardigan.  Well, she promised she would come again.  I can't wait.  I also spoke with  Carol Sulkoski, whose new book in being published in the fall and Franklin Habit -- they both promised  to  come to Woolbearers.  Anastasia Popova also stopped by.  Her latest design is on the cover of Interweave Crochet  (Winter 2011). She is going to be teaching at Woolbearers.  Her first class will be in April on crocheted socks.
                                                                                                                                   Alasdair Post-Quinn stopped by to show off his latest double knitting design- 52 Pickup.  His latest book is "Extreme Double Knitting" and he promised that he will come and teach here.

Here are some of other booths that were on our floor.  Hill Country Weavers is from Texas and our very own Fran Gooch used to work there.

Stitchuary is an online shop located in Montclair NJ

 And the Village Sheep is from Connecticut.

Woolbearers booth
Here's an interesting felted hat

A big thank you to all the gals who "held down the fort" in Mount Holly, so I could participate and a special thank you to Fran McElgunn, without her, I couldn't have done the show.

But the most special part of the show for me, was working with my son for 3 days.  Thanks, Zach -- you really saved the day!