Thursday, February 28, 2008

SOCKS!!! Clare finished her two socks on one needle and here they are, great looking and she says, comfortable! Good job!

Alison came into the store a few weeks ago, eyes wide open, flushed, clearly loving it, and signed up for a spinning class. She took the class, bought a wheel the same day, and hasn't stopped spinning since. This beautiful yarn is her first on her own wheel. It's beautiful.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Don't Attempt This at Home.....Ok, this was a first. Lisa had just taken Mom to the doc's for an EKG which showed a possible heart attack; they decided to stop in for a project to take while waiting in the ER. I was ready to jump into position in case my nursing skills, rusty though they may be, were needed. Please, don't anyone else do this. Go right to the ER. Lisa, how about some news?????
Ribwarmer in progress....not too thrilled with the way the colors are patterning, but it's too late now. The ribwarmer below was fine until the short row corners and demonstrates the reason why one should knit from two balls of hand dyed at a time, which I usually do.
I had to block it before I start knitting the I cord trim because the two sides are not the same size; must have been tired when I knit the first half because it's about two inches longer than the other but the same ridges.

Camille knit this Knitting Daily bag of Brown Sheep and used Fiddlesticks for the handles. Need a gynecologist? Her speciality is personalizing hormone therapy for her patients. See? We really are a full service yarn shop.

Need a big bag for overnight or those knitting projects? How about a Lucy Bag? Cheryl did this in Lopi and it is gorgeous. She chose Jameison Heather Aran for her next one. Can't wait to see this felted.

Lot's of new stuff came into the store today. Knit Simple magazine arrived and it has several cute projects. The Sox Stix from Lantern Moon came. They are beautiful, Rosewood needles in a handy fabric case.

The Douceur et Soie from Knit One Crochet Too is here, a lovely, light and airy kid mohair and silk blend. Want to make the Modular Quilt Wrap? Use this.

We got a new Sheep Shop colorway that looks like ferns and lichens.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jane knit this fabulous bag and then needled felted the black around the knotted design. The button is prefect.
Another rib warmer from Gwen knit of Woolbearers Blue Lagoon. The colorway of the rib warmer below is called Wildflowers. She's knitting a third now.

Annie's Baby Surprise sweater, almost finished. Knit of Woolbearers wool/boucle. I think the colorway is odd duck but it really Matt's Tatts Gone Bad.
Hinda's Nalbinding mitten. Nalbinding is a fiber technique which uses an eyed needle and lengths of yarn to form knots. She used Cascade, to learn, but is planning on using her hand spun yarn in the final project. We are going to have a class in this technique in the near future. For more information on Nalbinding, click here.
Annie's Wrap Me Up Shawl, nearing completion. It is so beautiful in person. She is doing a great job.
Gwen's lovely Clapotis with the seventh stitch in the process of being dropped.
Stitch dropping right in center of photo.
Dropping of the seventh stitch completed.

Clapotis to you.

Beth's Clapotis with two dropped stitches; detail of knitted fabric;
Kelly's almost ready to drop.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Interweave Press book Folk Style Trunk Show
See it until February 29th

Everything is really lovely in person.

A view of the trashed classroom space during a spinning class this Saturday. In spite of the mess, we really did have a great time. Everyone was making great looking yarn by the end of the class. Today, Alison, one of the students, brought in the yarn she had spun on her new wheel last night!

The Sunday morning weaving class in action.

Vera warping her second piece.

April's scarf still on the loom; eight harness, weft faced, and her first project!

Linda's beautiful socks of Claudia Handpainted Yarn in Copper Pennies.

Beth's doll has hair! See her bald in prior post.

Cate in her felted scarf from Folk Styles. See original above.

Detail of felted scarf.

Socks in Matt's Tatts.

Kelly's afghan update; looking into her bag of squares, I was surprised at how rich the darker blue made everything look. The entrelac square below is my favorite.


My friend, Lee, and her cousin from New York, buying yarn!

Nina and her husband, and, someone hiding out inside until June! Doesn't she look marvelous? It is better to look good than to feel good!

Beautiful Maria and her shrug of Woolbearers Alfresco; she designed it herself!