Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lots of classes last weekend. Our "Knit to Fit" class has become very popular--- Karen and I are talking about doing the next session of Knit to Fit in the spring. Stay tuned! Here are some pix from her last class. Everyone finished or almost finished knitting the top of the sweater. Here you can see some of the gals got very creative with cables and other stitch details.

Here are the finished products of our beginner crochet class.
And while the picture doesn't show much done, by next week all of these gals will have completed their entrelac bags

Loren came prepared for our "Knit so Fine" KAL with Lisa Meyers.
She brought most of her finer gauge yarn to the shop, but just couldn't decide which yarn to use for any of the projects.
Lisa spoke about the "finer" points of knitting with small gauge yarn and helped a few of the gals with their projects from the book. It was so nice to have her come and sit and chat for the afternoon. We talked alot of knitting and got a few pointers from the expert.
Lisa brought a few projects from the book for everyone to ooh and aah over.
Kelly is trying her hand at knitting one of shawls. She chose J.Knits Lace-a-Licious and is knitting away. I'm sure she'll be finished by next week.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Low Tech is the way I would describe using a nostepinne. It is usually a very nicely carved piece of wood that one uses to make a center pull ball. Here is the one that I own. Can't remember where I bought it, probably at Rhinebeck. Pictured next to it are two modern nostes - made by one of my beginning knitting students, Kelly. She used old remote controls. Works the same way -- great recycling!
Using another low tech device, Stephanie got her husband to wind 2400 yards of laceweight merino yarn from Cherry Tree Hill.
Mary came into the shop because she needed more yarn to make the Dead Fish Hat pattern from She had to do it using Nemo's colors. Looks great, Mary! While she was there, another customer wanted to know what pattern Mary used. She called me later on and I was on the phone saying "Yes, it's the Dead Fish" -- I hope nobody was walking into the shop at the same time.
Jill's ruffled scarf is made out of Sterling Silver sock yarn hand dyed by Woolbearers -- sorry the picture is so dark, the closeup shows off the yarn and the silver specks better.
Marna's vest out of Malabrigo worsted and the pink stuff (probably some Woolbearers' hand dyed) looks fabulous. The back really show off the subtle colors of the Malabrigo.
I couldn't let the entire winter go by without knitting up just one cowl. I did this one out of Classic Elite Lush. Yummy to knit with and so soft. The pattern is the Morningside Neckwarmer by Jared Flood. It took a while to get comfortable with the stitch, but once I got going it was a snap to finish.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Busy Weekend -- Saturday we had classes all day long. In the morning my Beginning
class was working on their Barbara Walker Afghan. 63 squares and all of them different techniques. We are learning so much!

We also had our Knit to Fit Class. As an added bonus, Marinel, who took the previous class stopped in with her beautiful sweater that she knit for the class. Karen was so pleased to see the finished product. It's beautiful! Now Marinel signed up for the Seamless Yoke Sweater KAL which begins at the end of the month. She is fearless now that she has take Karen's class. Marinel wants to do a cardigan instead of a pullover. So we will be doing lots of steeking! Can't wait to get working on that project.

Kelly had her Moebius Scarf class. Only one student signed up, but since she came all the way from Arizona, we just had to have the class for her.

This Sunday was almost as busy as last! MaryBeth Temple stopped in to show me her new line of mostly crochet patterns and to tell me about all the wonderful things she is doing. Two books are due out this spring and she and Doris Chan are sponsoring a Crochet Cruise in July. I have all the info at the shop, or you can go on MaryBeth's website at Look for MaryBeth's knit and crochet patterns at Woolbearers really soon!

The NJ SnB'ers came to the shop and bought lots of Malabrigo! It was great to see my old friends and meet some new gals. Sharon let me steal this picture off of Ravelry -- I was too busy at the cash register (always a good thing) to take pictures.. Thanks for coming in!

I did get a chance to get a picture of our usual Sunday crowd. Boy, they were a rowdy bunch!
Here is Donna in her finally finished Adult Surprise Jacket out of Nashua Creative Focus Chunky and take a look at those swirls made out of Ty-Dy sock yarn.

Anne finished her Jojoland Rhythm Rib Warmer. Anne is moving back to Maryland, but she just had to buy some of Woolbearers' hand dyed yarn to remember us by. Good luck Anne -- we'll see you on Ravelry.

One of Sabra's sock students stopped in to show off her completed first pair of socks and to get her sock pin -- Whenever Sabra's students finish a pair of socks, Sabra gives them a miniature knitted sock. Great job, Bridget!

Some other projects that I haven't had a chance to post. Here is a beautiful scarf made out of Jojoland Melody Superwash. Beverly and her husband came into the store today to remind me that it was Beverly's scarf. Thanks guys!

Kim made this absolutely gorgeous shawl out of Lana Grossa Chiara

Sandra made a Wrap me up shawl out of Rowan Tapestry

Bernadette's daughter-in-law, Fed stopped by to show off her Baby Grande Alpaca scarf
Bonnie has been knitting like mad on her Great American Aran Afghan. Teacher (me) only has 4 squares completed. Bonnie has 14 done as of this picture taken a few weeks ago. We have our class again on Saturday --- we'll see if she's finished all her squares.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Today we had our annual Superbowl Sunday sale -- I was so busy I forgot to take pictures! Carol Sulcoski did a book signing for her latest book "Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarns" and everyone had a great time chatting with her. Thanks to everyone who came.

Last week we started some of our new classes. Here is a picture of Sabra teaching the Swirl Shawl Class. I can't wait to see everyone's swirls. Send me pictures please.

Kris finished her Stonington Shawl. She thinks it took a long time because she started it last June. I've got things on the needles in my closet that I started in 1992.

Gwen is showing off some of her latest creations out of Woolbearers' hand dyed yarns.

Now, I 've got to tell y0u, I never thought Alice would finish anything. She took my "Great American Afghan" class and that turned into the "Great American Pillow". So, I was really surprised when I saw her finish a Lopi sweater -- with a fair isle yoke, no less. Great job, Alice!

This is Laura's first sweater. It's a top down pattern from Chic Knits and she knitted it out of Rowan Tapestry. It's absolutely gorgeous.

Speaking of top down sweaters, we are having another "Knit to Fit" class. Here Karen is pictured giving instruction to her some of her pupils. Julie is modeling the sweater that Karen made for her daughter -- using a Rowan pattern as inspiration, but totally making it her own design. The details around the buttons are fabulous. She made cables around the buttons as well as cables on the bodice and sleeves. The sweater is knit out of Nashua Creative Focus and I think that Karen should start her own line of patterns. What do you think?

Hannah is almost finished with her Great American Aran afghan. I can't wait to show it to my class.