Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beth's Clapotis in Matt's Tatts....can't wait to see it with stitches dropped! Tomorrow starts our KAL. I know Gwen has a lot done on her's and will take more pictures and post later.
Felted Matt's Tatts Monster from the One Skein Wonders book. Beth is on a roll!
Beth's doll, sans clothing, which will be done soon. She is also hairless, for now. I love her smile!
So much yarn has come into the store this week that we are trying to decide where to put it all, again! Sabra started moving cottons forward and wools back; didn't we just reverse that process? Time is moving so fast. We are getting the spring yarns now; I'll post pictures soon of everything.

Today I started a second rib warmer so I can get the sizing issue down before the class starts on March 1st. Gwen is on her third one, and she helped me figure out how many stitches to add. You have to be so careful, because just one inch worth of stitches, in this case, five, will add four inches on to the circumference of the garment and ten rows onto the length. The temptation is to add more on. So I'm forcing myself to think differently than I had in the past; could this mean that I am understanding EZ??? Let's not get carried away.....

One interesting idea occurred to me yesterday; Cat Bordi was on Knitty Gritty, explaining the mobieus cast on. Epiphany! All she was doing was the same maneuver I had done and had tried to teach my blanket students for the provisional cast on, only rather than using waste yarn, she was casting around the doubled loop of a long, circular needle. I can't wait to finish all these projects we need for classes so I can begin a mobieus.

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