Saturday, February 02, 2008

Abigail's washcloth inspired by EZ's Square Baby Blanket. Just needs Kitchnering. Knitted by moi.
Elizabeth Zimmerman for the masses......Miryeya finishing the first half of the triangle.
Kristen half way there!
Barb kept me on the straight and narrow. Look how good the first square of her facecloth looks!
This is Jill's cloth; it's coming along great!
Judith caught on right away!
Pricilla is doing a great job!
Well, how did I think that I could teach an Elizabeth Zimmerman class? Truth is, many of the classes we have are more lead than taught. I did the project, redid it, practiced the techniques, and felt fairly confident I could guide the women who paid for the class. The pattern we are using for the washcloth is a very nice line by line guide. As classmate Judith pointed out, EZ says that slipping the first stitch is an important technique for having neat and nice edges. For the washcloth, you slip a stitch every row; once on the edge, and once on the turn back. I missed that. So after a few confusing moments, and wanting to crawl into a hole, we got on the right track and all was well. Thank heaven we weren't doing the real baby blanket or there may have been anarchy in the knitting store....Except for the invisible cast on, which we will review before we start the real blanket, everyone was well on their way to finishing their washcloth. I came home and had a nice, big glass of Fat Bastard Shiraz.

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