Saturday, February 16, 2008

Need some inspiration? Read about the Sock Wars. We certainly have enough sock yarn! Truth, can you ever really have too much? (I forgot to get a picture of Tola's sock collection, but will do so the next time she comes in.)

Today was a great day at the store. I had two classes which took most of the day; a morning spinning class with five students who all caught on quickly, and were making usable yarn by one pm, and then the Elizabeth Zimmerman baby blanket class that will probably be known by one and all after this as the Baby Blanket From Hell. Actually, out of the 11 students, almost all are ready to start or have already started their blanket, after completing the wash cloth. One gal, Priscilla, is on her second blanket!

Ellen is working away at her Great American Afghan. Here are six of her lovely squares. I love her choice of color, too. The aqua really makes the other, earthier colors pop. I don't have them in the sequence she wants, I am sure.

This little angel is Dori's daughter. Mom is an airline pilot, and when she is in her hotel in Europe, guess what she does? Knits, of course! The vests are beautiful, as is everything Dori knits. She also does some designing and we have her pattern for felted mittens in the store.

Pittsburgh revisited
... I forgot to blog about meeting Annie Modesitt at the Knit and Crochet show. I am totally awestruck by 'famous' people and felt that way about her. Her work inspires me, as does her books and even her blog. She just puts it all 'out' there. That is being so real! Since my middle name is paronoid, I don't know that I could do that. So more power to her!

If you have some free time Sunday, grab your spinning wheel and stop in during the afternoon for a leisurely spin in!

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