Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More Elizabeth Zimmerman stuff! I wish I would have remembered to get a picture of Gwen's Rib Warmer; she is knitting it of Wild Flowers Ringspun. The I - cord trim is great looking. It does make a big difference. Above is Barb's organic cotton washcloth inspired from the Square Baby Blanket pattern. She tore it apart and used a crocheted provisional cast on. It is perfectly square and lays completely flat; EZ says if you follow her directions, it won't even need blocking!

This is half of my rib warmer. It is fun to knit and only needed a little tweaking. According to the book, Knitters Workshop, you stop your short rows at fifteen stitches.

I got a pretty pronounced 'booby' when I did that, so I tore it out and knitted to eight stitches. That worked better. The baby surprise is done. The Woolbearers wool boucle blocks wonderfully. Just need to find the perfect buttons.....

Betsy Snopes is one of our tapestry weaving teachers, and she is on the sock knitting band wagon, too. She comes in weekly with yet another pair finished. Aren't these great? She loves bright colored yarns.
Granny Squares of Dancing Fibers in one of their beautiful space dyed yarns takes crochet to a new place. This is a close up of Joann's wonderful skirt. She is working on the yoke and when it's finished, we'll take a full length pic.
Love that Einsein Jacket! Debbie made her's of Cascade 128. It looks great on her, too.

The sock class Two Socks on Magic Loop finished tonight. The teacher, Chris is amazing. She had everyone well on their way to knitting both socks the first night. Several students finished the first pair before the second class.

Carol finished a pair a week!This lovely cabled pair is her second.
Donna finished her's tonight and immediately started another pair!
Barb works full time in addition to going to school for her Masters degree in nursing, and has a husband and daughters and SHE finished a pair. The purple are her's. The great pair below are Claire's. She did a great job, too.

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