Thursday, February 14, 2008

On the Pennsylvania Turnpike...
Approaching the first of four tunnels
Sabra straightening up our booth.
New friends! Mother and daughter shoppers; I hope I met them again someday.

Home From Pittsburgh..... I hope I didn't bring this weather with me, down the turnpike. It was so cold there; minus temps with the wind chill factor, snow every night.

The drive there felt like going on vacation. I love the mountains of PA. The first stop, I bought swedish fish. A perfectly inappropriate food to eat while driving alone. There is a method to eating swedish fish; you must bite the head off and then nibble down the body of the fish. By the time I had done that ten or twelve times, the sugar level in my body was so high, I had to pull over and nap for half an hour. It took longer to get there because I kept stopping....the drive home was quicker. I couldn't wait to get home!

The show was great; very well attended, wonderful booths. I saw a lot of great yarns. I think it will develop into a nationally known show in time. Also got to see old friends; Cynthia Spencer, who owns a shop in State College and also is author of Really Clear Instructions for Knitting Toe Up Socks, a well written booklet we sell in the store; and Dave and Deb Arbuckle from Shadyside Farms. They spin our fleece into the beautiful, ringspun yarn we dye for the shop. I brought home 25 lbs of 25% alpaca and Romney yarn. It has a luminous, pearlescent quality about it. We can't wait to knit up a swatch.

Sabra and her husband, Ron, drove all the way to help me. I couldn't have done it without them.

So now I am home, recovering from the drive and the cold. There is room now in the shop for more of the things we have been ordering. So far, silk and wool from Manos arrived, along with a lovely linen blend from Plymouth, and tons of new books.

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