Sunday, February 17, 2008

When people ask us why we wanted to go into this business, I'll have to show them this picture. This is the sweetest and most driven young woman I have met yet. She came into the store two years ago and did a little spinning, and has regularly come in with her mom since then. You can just see that gleam in her eye when she looks at the yarns and tools; she is hooked! And so young! I hope I live long enough to see her stash when she is my age. Today she was able to buy her spinning wheel after saving her money. I should mention that she won a ribbon at the Garden State Sheep Show for her hand spun yarn last September.

My weaving student, Vera, and her fabulous, reversible cotton chenille and silk scarf; her first woven piece! Close up below.

These wonderful socks were knit for Lime 'n Violet by Vera. The pattern is their's and called Little Match Girl. The yarn is our hand dyed, Kraemer's Sterling. The picture does not do it justice. I'll take another without the flash and post during the week. On the heal and around the cuff are match motifs, then the sterling silver flash symbolizes the match burning. Vera is an amazing knitter, and now, she weaves, too.
We had a nice turn out for our spin in this afternoon. Alision, far left, is one of my spinning students from yesterday, who came back today to spin some more! She is hooked, and is already a good spinner. Next to her is Jennifer, doing a grand job, then Judith, also doing a great job; both gals are former spinning students of mine. Sitting at the right is Mary, who is an accomplished knitter and spinner, and sews as well! She is amazing because not only does she do all of the fiber crafts, but she also works as a nurse full time and is a busy grandmother.Is this the fullest spindle you have seen??? Alison bought roving today and went home and filled up her spindle! Her yarn looks great.

Here's three generations of knitters! Grandmother, aunt, and Megan! She is going to Ireland for St. Patrick's Day; we'll have to get the scoop when she gets back.

Carol and her niece from Brooklyn, Amy, after an afternoon of yarn shopping! They loved our hand dyed!
Cate and her friend having a Sunday together!

Aren't Marcie's socks wild???? They are knit of Woolbearers Mixed Fruit sock yarn. Love 'em!

Not sure how this great plaid design was done, but love it! Jill knit this.
Here's mom and daughter Jill and Kristen, Kitchnering their garter stitch washcloths.
A good use for Karabella; a scarf and hat for a Giants fan! Knit by Kristen.

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