Monday, February 25, 2008

Jane knit this fabulous bag and then needled felted the black around the knotted design. The button is prefect.
Another rib warmer from Gwen knit of Woolbearers Blue Lagoon. The colorway of the rib warmer below is called Wildflowers. She's knitting a third now.

Annie's Baby Surprise sweater, almost finished. Knit of Woolbearers wool/boucle. I think the colorway is odd duck but it really Matt's Tatts Gone Bad.
Hinda's Nalbinding mitten. Nalbinding is a fiber technique which uses an eyed needle and lengths of yarn to form knots. She used Cascade, to learn, but is planning on using her hand spun yarn in the final project. We are going to have a class in this technique in the near future. For more information on Nalbinding, click here.
Annie's Wrap Me Up Shawl, nearing completion. It is so beautiful in person. She is doing a great job.

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