Friday, February 01, 2008

Elizabeth Zimmerman....just can't get enough of her patterns. Today starts our year long journey into the Knitting Workshop. We are starting our with the Square Baby Blanket, which we are calling the Garter Stitch Baby Blanket, to differentiate it from another baby blanket that is popular. It is really loaded with techniques; invisible cast on, short rows, Kitchner stitch. I found a great washcloth pattern online at Abigail's blog. She took EZ's baby blanket pattern and downsized it and it is perfect for testing the waters. I'm going to give the students our hand dyed, bulky organic cotton to knit the washcloth first. I've been using it myself and it is heavenly to knit with. The students and can get their feet wet first on something smaller before going on to the next phase. The class is so popular that we are having two; one today and one tomorrow. It will last for three weeks.

Friday's class was great fun; four of the gals know each other and Rene fit right in with their group. Melinda picked the pattern right up and noted where I was confused about which stitch to slip; more about that later. The other gals were amazing, too. They were very patient as I attempted to teach them how to do an invisible cast on. Eunny Jang's blog has a great tutorial on it and hopefully, the gals will feel more confident after practicing over the next week.

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